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How is Live Resin Made?

Published: July 19, 2021

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Live resin is one of the newest concentrates around. The process begins by flash freezing
freshly harvested cannabis plant matter. This usually happens by either placing it in a freezer
containing dry ice or by being slowly dipped into a container filled with liquid nitrogen. The plant
matter is kept frozen right until it is ready for extraction. Usually, extraction takes place within 36
hours of the plant material thawing.

Most live resin is extracted using a simple process that is similar to that used to make most
other concentrates. Plant material is passed through with a solvent which is then vaporized out
of the final product. The main difference is that the solvent is cooled to -40℃/-40℉ for extraction.
The final product is also purged of solvents at a much lower temperature than when making
other concentrates.

However, not all live resin is produced this way. Some concentrate makers may modify the
process in order to produce more unique products. Either way, live resin has been a trend in
vapes and results in a much better, cleaner, and concentrated high.

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