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Difference Between Live Resin and Distillate:

Published: July 19, 2021

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Live Resin has been a popular trend in the cannabis space. The best way to put it is if live resin
is like freshly-squeezed juice that’s created from the best oranges and squeezed right in front of
you right before you drink it. Now distillate would be the orange juice concentrate—not
necessarily because it’s more concentrated in flavor or potency but because it’s a commodity

Whereas live resin’s quality is determined by the quality of the input materials—almost
exclusively. It’s all about how good the actual cannabis going into the process is. However, for
distillate, it’s far more process oriented. The quality of the distillate is relative to how well you
extract and refine vs the quality of the material going in.

Distillate is a commodity in the sense that people are producing it on the largest scale. Distillate
has a much broader set of applications than live resin but only has a little bit of the profile left
over from the input materials—there’s a mix of major and minor cannabinoids, all of which have
been activated.

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